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Gilbert Electrical Systems has the unique ability to determine a customerís special electrical needs, engineer the system, price it, and assemble the individual components into a total functioning system. In this manner, the customer has the assurance of one responsible entity from concept through completion at a competitive price. Projects and equipment include, but are not limited to, turn-key industrial packages, metal-enclosed assemblies, capacitor assemblies, primary switchgear, harmonic filter applications, and harmonic/ power factor correction studies.

Gilbert Electrical Systems draws on many years of experience in application engineering knowledge to design and manufacture custom and competitively priced packages. Utilizing in-housing engineering capabilities, Gilbert Electrical Systems assembles high quality packages with many innovative features, completely satisfying the service requirements, whether for a small metal enclosed assembly or a total package. We work closely with several major manufacturers and suppliers in order to obtain the best value for the customer.

Gilbert Electrical Systems provides services and specialized equipment to domestic and international markets through a network of representatives serving industries, utilities, municipalities, REAís and government including the armed forces. Read our page to find out the many ways Gilbert Electrical Systems can serve you.

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