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WEG Low Voltage Drives       CFW 11 6-Pulse VFD      CFW11 18-Pulse VFD 

Medium Voltage  Soft Starters                  WEG Medium Voltage Drives MVW-01


Low Voltage Soft Starters

Pad Mount Transformers                                              Sub-Station Transformers

Dielectric Fluids                                                           Distribution Switchgear

Power Capacitors (Enclosed) Medium Voltage                 Power Capacitors

Voltage Regulators                                                        Component and Protective Equipment

WEG Automation Controls


Power Factor Capacitor Banks, Medium Voltage               Passive and Active Harmonic Filters

Power Factor Capacitor Banks, Low Voltage                     Power Factor System Integration

Power Distribution Centers and Enclosures                       AC Surge Suppression Devices

Data Line Surge Suppression Devices                               DC Surge Suppression Devices

Distribution Automation                                                    Substation Automation

Energy Information Products