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Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives


500 HP to 8000 HP

 WEG offers a complete package of medium voltage dive systems that includes:  Input switchgear, Dry-type or Oil-type phase shifting transformer, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and medium voltage motor.  WEG Medium Voltage VFDs are designed with state of the art technology and use a multilevel structure with high voltage IGBTs (6.5kV) reducing motor harmonic currents to extremely low levels.  The input rectifier configuration with 12-pulse or 18-pulse results in high power factor and fully meets IEEE-519 requirements for THD.

The MVW-01 is designed with multiprocessing control architecture that uses a 32-bit high performance processor (64-bits bus) and with floating point capability, ensuring a high performance control of the drive and motor.  The MVW-01 follows the same programming philosophy of the LV WEG drive, resulting in a simple speed variation solution for MV applications.  The MVW-01 drive is a remarkably innovative medium voltage drive, combining robustness, simplicity, reliability and safety in a compact solution with the latest generation technology.


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